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摘要: 不定式作定语作状语知识注解详解作定语(1)the+序数词/last/only/next/best+(n+)todosthIamalwaysthefirstpersontogettotheoffi......
(1)the + 序数词/last/only/next/best +(n+)to do sth
I am always the first person to get to the office.         我是第一个到办公室的人。
(2)(the)+n+to do sth;(the)+n+to +vi+prep/adv
Volunteering gives you a chance to change lives,including your own.
The airport to be completed next year will help promote tourism in this area.

(1)目的:常见的短语有to do /in order to(可置于句首句中)/so as to(不放在句首)。
To stay warm at night,I would fill the woodstove,then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it.
(2)结果:① 含有“令人意想不到的不好的结果”,常见的短语有: so/such …as to …,enough /only/never to do sth…,too … to …I’m not such a fool as to believe that.
The boy is old enough to go to school. 这个男孩足够大可以上学了。
His eyesight is too poor to read such small letters. 他的实力如此差不能阅读这封信。
② 表示结果或目的不定式,形式相似时,须根据词汇意义加以区别。
He arrived late to find the others had gone home. 他来的很晚结果发现其他人都走了。
He arrived late to avoid meeting Robert. 他来晚市避免见到Robert。
(3)原因:常构成sb+be+adj(happy/sorry/glad/sad/surprised...)+ to do sth [sth+be+adj+to do sth主动表被动] 
I am sorry to hear that your father is ill. 听到你的父亲生病很难过。
She was surprised to meet us. 见到我们很沮丧。
(4)方式:常构成as if +to do sth
He opened his mouth as if to say something. 他张嘴好像要说什么。

Boiler rooms are often dirty and steamy, but this one is clean and cool. Fox Point is a very new47-unit living building in South Bronx, one of the city’s poorest areas. Two-thirds of the people living there are formerly (以前) homeless people, whose rent is paid by the government. The rest are low-income families.  The boiler room has special equipment, which produces energy for electricity and heat. It reuses heat that would otherwise be lost to the air, reducing carbon emissions(碳排放)while also cutting costs. 
 Fox Point is operated by Palladia, a group that specializes in providing housing and services to needy, people. Palladia received support from Enterprise Community Partners (ECP), which helps build affordable housing by providing support to housing developers. 
ECP has created national standards for healthy, environmentally (环境方面) clever and affordable homes which are called, the Green Communities Standards. These standards include water keeping, energy saving and the use of environmentally friendly building materials.  Meeting the standards increases housing construction costs by 2%, which is rapidly paid back by lower running costs. Even the positioning of a window to get most daylight can help save energy. 
Michael. Bloomberg, New York's mayor, plans to create 165,000 affordable housing units for500,000 New Yorkers. Almost 80% of New York City’s greenhouse-gas emissions come from buildings, and 40% of those are caused, by housing. So he recently announced that the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation and Development (DHPD) , whose duty is to develop and keep the city’s supply of affordable housing, will require all its new projects to follow ECP’s green standards. 
Similar measures have been taken by other cities such as Cleveland and Denver, but New York’s DHPD is the largest city developer of affordable housing in the country. 
1. What is an advantage of the buildings meeting the Green Communities Standards? 
A. Lower running costs. 
B. Costing less in construction.    
C. Less air to be lost in hot days. 
D. Better prices for homeless people. 
2. It can be learned from the text that ________________.
A. New York City is seriously polluted
B. people’s daily life causes many carbon emissions in New York City
C. a great number of people in New York City don't have houses to live in
D. some other cities have developed more affordable housing than New York City
3. What is the main purpose of this text?
A. To call on people to pay more attention to housing problems. 
B. To prove that some standards are needed for affordable housing. 
C. To ask society to help homeless people and low-income families. 
D. To introduce healthy, environmentally clever-and affordable housing. 
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